IDG stands for Infrastructure Development Group.

IDG stands for Infrastructure Development Group. IDG is the team that develops the infrastructure of the Internet of Things (IoT). Currently, there are several projects on IoT development and deployment. First of all, we can see Amazon Echo speaker on Amazon platform. Amazon Echo allows users to use voice-activated commands (i.e., commands like ‘Alexa, play some music’ or ‘Alexa, set up my kettle’) on their Amazon Echo devices which connects to an Alexa network over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to access information about their house and surroundings through Amazon devices. There are also other smart home applications like Nest Thermostats that allow users to control thermostat settings via voice commands. These applications are providing useful services like controlling lighting or heating system remotely with voice commandsAI writing assistants are cheap. They do not require any coding knowledge. Each one of them is very fast and can run on any hardware or software that does not require memory to be installed on it (such as mobile, web, desktop).